The Importance of Empathetic Online Marketing and how to Achieve Success

Online marketing is taking a new shape and phase with every year passing my. As it is the most effective way of reaching your potential customer base in a short time, we have no choice but only keep a track of how things are changing around in the digital marketing industry. Today’s marketing and sales environment is a paradox as we see that there has never so many opportunities and ways of reaching out to your customer base but yet doing so is more challenging than ever again as said by Om Thoke one of the industry experts in digital marketing.

The number of marketing channels today is more than ever. We have steadily moved further from tradition advertising methods to leveraging social media networks, content marketing and much beyond. But someone who has spent some time in the industry will still wonder that despite so many channels are the end customers actually listening to what is being said to them? Is it so that they are shutting us off and we are blatantly pitching our products, services and businesses do them from every angle possible? I think the answer to that question can’t really be given unless you understand what your potential customers are actually looking for. This requires change of perspective and actually getting into the shoes of the customers and learns what they want and this can only be done by putting yourself out there.

Today even online marketing needs the factor of empathy that can actually drive sales. This means that as an online marketer you should be able to share someone else’s needs and feelings so that you can think what they think. Unfortunately, many marketers around the world feel that brute sociopath behavior can get them quick results, even if it is at the expense of someone else.

But that is not true. May be it was true a decade ago or may be two decades ago. In fact, it is this negative sociopathic behavior because of which so many businesses are struggling to find a firmer ground. In order to achieve success in today’s times it is important to embrace empathy at every level possible to gain and retain customers.

To be able to do this it is important that you learn to put your customers first. Be interested in the customer and understand what motivates them and align those aspects in your online marketing strategies. It is a myth that online marketing can’t involve empathy. If you seek to listen and understand then you can be empathetic with your customer in any way you want. Imagine the CEO of a big company joining the conversation on a social media page and answering questions and concerns of his one of the millions of customers. That is empathy and personal care to a level never heard of before. We should understand that with digital marketing we get an easy access to homes and even cell phones of our customers. Being blatant in our approach is like invading their space without interesting them. Only empathy and understanding their likes, dislikes and needs we can present ourselves and leverage internet marketing to its best.

5 Tips for Increasing Likes on Your Instagram Photos

The power of social media outweighs all other marketing techniques. Compare it on all the grounds, and you will find the reach, flexibility, and control over social media tools to be much higher than anything else. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very popular social networking sites that have provided businesses with umpteen opportunities to market and promote their products and services.

Instagram – The New Player in Social Media War

Lately, Instagram has also come up as an amazing platform. Ever since the day Facebook bought Instagram, it has proved to be even more innovative and effective in facilitating businesses with communication ideas and picture sharing. But, like any other social networking site, popularity and reach matters a lot. This is the reason today you should buy active Instagram followers, and following 5 tips can help in improving likes on your Instagram account.

Active Participation

There are innumerable activities to participate in Instagram. By being a part of such activities and contributing your inputs, you can connect to the audience. A very famous and perhaps the biggest community is JJ, which was initiated by Josh Johnson. It is a daily forum with close to 280,000 followers. JJ’s forum has gained so much popularity and has expanded to an extent where there are editors who work for improvising and highlighting the photos. Different themes are applied to the pictures according to the content and background. Few other communities apart from JJ are Steetphoto bw, EyeEm , Photooftheday, Ampt , and the likes of them.

increasing likes on your instagram photos

Put Time and Efforts

There is no shortcut to success. If you really want to successfully leverage Instagram to your advantage, it needs adequate time and effort from your end. There has to be an engagement, and the more you increase your interaction, better will be the results.

It’s all about give-and-take relationship. If you like others’ pictures, and leave a thoughtful comment, you would receive the same. In fact, you must also pay attention outside your immediate friend circle. It brings more exposure and you will also increase your circle of followers and likes.

Proper Usage of Hashtags

Hashtags are very popularly used to attract more number of likes on photos uploaded on Instagram. The basis of hashtags could be the subject of photography technique, background, style, content, or maybe even location. Some of the hashtags used frequently are #tigers, #instagood, or #photooftheday. You can explore the usage of hashtags in different ways.

Get Featured

It is definitely not so easy to get featured by Instagram. But if you manage to do so, it could bring you tons of followers in just a single day. The selection criteria or policy is not disclosed by Instagram yet for choosing its users. However, if luckily you get selected then you will stay in that position for at least a week. During this time, you will enjoy amazing exposure.

increasing likes on your instagram photos


Instagram provides many amazing options to its users. It is up to you to decide how to make the best use of those applications. It’s advisable to design one signature style, which will act like your brand.

Keep the above pointers in mind, and you will be able to build strong followers and attract more likes to your Instagram uploads.

Important On-Page Factors for Getting Desired SEO Results In 2017

When Search Engine Optimization is a concern, then quality HTML and architecture are the key areas to look into. Content quality on the websites is the topmost key concern for corporates and business sites. Word count along with well-written and grammatically correct content is a prerequisite of every Internet marketing agency.

Quality can be improved by thoughtful opinions and facts. Players are focusing more on keyword research. For example, Google has invested a lot to find synonyms identification. One way to manage content quality is to have a single page for a topic and not multiple pages for content. Apart from quality, it is must to have the customers to get engaged to the sites. For engagement, design along with content is necessary to drive traffic to the page. Also managing the number of advertisements and its content is important. One key here is to ensure that pop-up ads do not interfere with the visitor’s ability to navigate and read the page. In order to drive more traffic and successfully perform search engine optimization, one must ensure that the content is fresh and regular updates must be posted. The content of the sites should be such that it creates a sense of trust and awareness in the minds of its readers.

Moving on to the HTML part of SEO, titles and headers are very important. The description of the pages should be unique. Though the unique description may not change the page ranking, it may increase the click-through rate. The description should not be so lengthy that it gets cut on display. Apart from description and titles, structured data mark-up is always the hot topic. Author information and publisher tags are one of the trusted ones and are considered as best practices. Machine read languages often fail to generate visits. The hidden elements and keyword stuffing have become too old as search engine optimizers. Crawl is one part of the architecture that is usually avoided by SEO. The red errors can be avoided by linking to update pages from the homepage or to build internal links. Duplicate content is however being managed by Google. Webmaster tools have also added to the same. Also the speed adds to the SEO. The URLs are to be designed such that they are simple and easy.

Moving to the architecture, research says that the best way to manage the architecture is to have an ideal configuration for a single website. The same URL should be designed such that it can be accessed as per various devices. However, cases have stated that it is often difficult to have standard search engine.

The era is moving towards more and more of search engine optimization to gain more of value on investments.

A New Technology for Home Delivery Service Founded by Amazon

With its aim to continue expanding the 700 billion dollars grocery business in the United States, the juggernaut, Amazon is working on a new food technology for the home delivery service.

Reuters recently revealed that Amazon may start selling ready-to-eat dishes from the beginning of next year. These dishes would be very cheap as compared to the restaurant take-out food and will not need any refrigeration.

This new technology was first used by the military of the United States to preserve food for a longer term and the term used for these kinds of meals was MATS (Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization). This technology makes the food to sit on the shelf for almost a year without losing any nutrients or flavours.

If this technology can be implemented in terms of fruition, then Amazon will be able to grab control over a larger number of grocery customers who are looking for ways to get easy and quick meal options.

The option for the delivery of these meals will be available at the AmazonFresh, which is a branch that is dedicated to delivering groceries to the people. This is also going to complement the purchase of Whole Food Market Inc by Amazon for a sum of 13.7 billion dollars.

These MATS meals are going to enhance the foothold of Amazon in the grocery business and increase its prominence. It is also looking forward to collaborate with meal kits like Blue Apron in order to get a trademark.

Need a Chartered Accountant for Your Firm? A Quick Guide to Hire One

Hiring the right CA can help in promoting your exclusive expertise or boost your client base. The right chartered accountant can help you build a strong professional profile, setting up your business for higher success.

Regardless of the nature or size of the industry your business is into, an accountant can add measurable and immediate value to your entity. A CA can help you to design business plan, structure operations, arrange finance and handle all account related things, such as estate planning, tax, monthly expenditure, etc.

Choosing the right accountant can make or break the business and hence you should hire the right one. The below given details can help you to get on to the right track to find a trusted advisory to work with.

What Should You Look for?

Before you could appoint anyone, seek recommendations from your friends or colleagues so that you face no surprises down the line. The first and most important thing to be checked is the compatibility and you must do research about the firm, staffs, and their values. It could be related to their practice or behavior. Check with the CA about his/her past clients, so that you can figure out whether or not you’re on the right track. You should be very clear about the support or service you need from them.

If you’re clear with the above terminology, proceed next! Being a CA, he should follow certain professional and ethical rules. He should be sincere, honest, and straightforward in his approach towards work. He should have high standards of competence and finish all professional commitments in a timely manner. He should carry it with in accordance with relevant professional and technical standards. The communication between you and your CA should be well mannered; any miscommunication can lead to major losses. The CA should also respect his client’s confidentiality. For more details, you can log on to Calcutt Matthews.

How About the Qualification?

Qualification is very important; you should assure that the CA has a degree from a trusted institute. He should have completed all the mandatory professional training and minimum of 5 years to achieve the designation.

It does not matter whether you choose a small or big firm; the least that counts is it should be a trusted, credential firm that has high values of standards.

You’re hiring a CA so that your finances can get on track and hence you should check details about the fee structure as well.

You can learn a lot about career and life from this amazing blog by Om Thoke.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Implementation to Third Party Vendors

These days, whether it’s a manufacturing company or any telecom company, every mid scale and large scale company needs IT consulting to accelerate its productivity. Enormous automation software and applications are loaded in the market today that can bring higher level of accountability and transparency in the workflow, thus adding to the organizational turnover. Moreover, if we talk about hardware up-gradation, security or network, the market is flooded with super gadgets that can improve the throughput of your work culture.

So now, it’s very clear that the market is quite ripen with technology that can improve the productivity of any organization, but now the question that arises is how technology can be capitalized into productivity. Third party organizations like AMJ cater to the various IT implementation needs of the region and allow you to have all the solutions and answers to all your problems.

Roles and Responsibility of IT Implementation Vendors

  1. Understanding user requirements and analyzing the current challenges faced by the user
  2. Planning and designing solutions for the user and getting approval from the client
  3. Preparing a road map for implementation
  4. Present a document to the user comprising of various roles and responsibility of various stake holders and the touch points for various implementation related issues
  5. Deployment of implementation resources
  6. Checking the site feasibility for implementation of the product like proper infrastructure and other relevant resources
  7. Training the user about the usage and handling of implemented products
  8. Phased implementation of the product to check the operation and do a test run
  9. Technical support to the users and managing the operation of the product
  10. Troubleshooting errors

Benefits of Hiring a Third Party IT Implementation Vendor

  1. Extending complete IT responsibility to experts, thus getting better results
  2. Minimizing the workload on the management by shifting the IT operation and management to third party
  3. IT systems to be handled by experts
  4. Minimization of manpower cost as the outsource policies are on contract basis

So, if you are a company looking for IT support and implementation to automate any of your process then it’s very clear now that outsourcing complete implementation would be cost efficient and productive. However, constant monitoring from the customer’s side is strongly recommended to track the level and pace of implementation.

Bio: Tom Christopher is an IT consultant with more than 15 years of experience in IT design and implementation. He writes articles and gives seminars to educate others about the subject.