5 Tips for Increasing Likes on Your Instagram Photos

The power of social media outweighs all other marketing techniques. Compare it on all the grounds, and you will find the reach, flexibility, and control over social media tools to be much higher than anything else. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very popular social networking sites that have provided businesses with umpteen opportunities to market and promote their products and services.

Instagram – The New Player in Social Media War

Lately, Instagram has also come up as an amazing platform. Ever since the day Facebook bought Instagram, it has proved to be even more innovative and effective in facilitating businesses with communication ideas and picture sharing. But, like any other social networking site, popularity and reach matters a lot. This is the reason today you should buy active Instagram followers, and following 5 tips can help in improving likes on your Instagram account.

Active Participation

There are innumerable activities to participate in Instagram. By being a part of such activities and contributing your inputs, you can connect to the audience. A very famous and perhaps the biggest community is JJ, which was initiated by Josh Johnson. It is a daily forum with close to 280,000 followers. JJ’s forum has gained so much popularity and has expanded to an extent where there are editors who work for improvising and highlighting the photos. Different themes are applied to the pictures according to the content and background. Few other communities apart from JJ are Steetphoto bw, EyeEm , Photooftheday, Ampt , and the likes of them.

increasing likes on your instagram photos

Put Time and Efforts

There is no shortcut to success. If you really want to successfully leverage Instagram to your advantage, it needs adequate time and effort from your end. There has to be an engagement, and the more you increase your interaction, better will be the results.

It’s all about give-and-take relationship. If you like others’ pictures, and leave a thoughtful comment, you would receive the same. In fact, you must also pay attention outside your immediate friend circle. It brings more exposure and you will also increase your circle of followers and likes.

Proper Usage of Hashtags

Hashtags are very popularly used to attract more number of likes on photos uploaded on Instagram. The basis of hashtags could be the subject of photography technique, background, style, content, or maybe even location. Some of the hashtags used frequently are #tigers, #instagood, or #photooftheday. You can explore the usage of hashtags in different ways.

Get Featured

It is definitely not so easy to get featured by Instagram. But if you manage to do so, it could bring you tons of followers in just a single day. The selection criteria or policy is not disclosed by Instagram yet for choosing its users. However, if luckily you get selected then you will stay in that position for at least a week. During this time, you will enjoy amazing exposure.

increasing likes on your instagram photos


Instagram provides many amazing options to its users. It is up to you to decide how to make the best use of those applications. It’s advisable to design one signature style, which will act like your brand.

Keep the above pointers in mind, and you will be able to build strong followers and attract more likes to your Instagram uploads.