A New Technology for Home Delivery Service Founded by Amazon

With its aim to continue expanding the 700 billion dollars grocery business in the United States, the juggernaut, Amazon is working on a new food technology for the home delivery service.

Reuters recently revealed that Amazon may start selling ready-to-eat dishes from the beginning of next year. These dishes would be very cheap as compared to the restaurant take-out food and will not need any refrigeration.

This new technology was first used by the military of the United States to preserve food for a longer term and the term used for these kinds of meals was MATS (Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization). This technology makes the food to sit on the shelf for almost a year without losing any nutrients or flavours.

If this technology can be implemented in terms of fruition, then Amazon will be able to grab control over a larger number of grocery customers who are looking for ways to get easy and quick meal options.

The option for the delivery of these meals will be available at the AmazonFresh, which is a branch that is dedicated to delivering groceries to the people. This is also going to complement the purchase of Whole Food Market Inc by Amazon for a sum of 13.7 billion dollars.

These MATS meals are going to enhance the foothold of Amazon in the grocery business and increase its prominence. It is also looking forward to collaborate with meal kits like Blue Apron in order to get a trademark.

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