Important On-Page Factors for Getting Desired SEO Results In 2017

When Search Engine Optimization is a concern, then quality HTML and architecture are the key areas to look into. Content quality on the websites is the topmost key concern for corporates and business sites. Word count along with well-written and grammatically correct content is a prerequisite of every Internet marketing agency.

Quality can be improved by thoughtful opinions and facts. Players are focusing more on keyword research. For example, Google has invested a lot to find synonyms identification. One way to manage content quality is to have a single page for a topic and not multiple pages for content. Apart from quality, it is must to have the customers to get engaged to the sites. For engagement, design along with content is necessary to drive traffic to the page. Also managing the number of advertisements and its content is important. One key here is to ensure that pop-up ads do not interfere with the visitor’s ability to navigate and read the page. In order to drive more traffic and successfully perform search engine optimization, one must ensure that the content is fresh and regular updates must be posted. The content of the sites should be such that it creates a sense of trust and awareness in the minds of its readers.

Moving on to the HTML part of SEO, titles and headers are very important. The description of the pages should be unique. Though the unique description may not change the page ranking, it may increase the click-through rate. The description should not be so lengthy that it gets cut on display. Apart from description and titles, structured data mark-up is always the hot topic. Author information and publisher tags are one of the trusted ones and are considered as best practices. Machine read languages often fail to generate visits. The hidden elements and keyword stuffing have become too old as search engine optimizers. Crawl is one part of the architecture that is usually avoided by SEO. The red errors can be avoided by linking to update pages from the homepage or to build internal links. Duplicate content is however being managed by Google. Webmaster tools have also added to the same. Also the speed adds to the SEO. The URLs are to be designed such that they are simple and easy.

Moving to the architecture, research says that the best way to manage the architecture is to have an ideal configuration for a single website. The same URL should be designed such that it can be accessed as per various devices. However, cases have stated that it is often difficult to have standard search engine.

The era is moving towards more and more of search engine optimization to gain more of value on investments.

A New Technology for Home Delivery Service Founded by Amazon

With its aim to continue expanding the 700 billion dollars grocery business in the United States, the juggernaut, Amazon is working on a new food technology for the home delivery service.

Reuters recently revealed that Amazon may start selling ready-to-eat dishes from the beginning of next year. These dishes would be very cheap as compared to the restaurant take-out food and will not need any refrigeration.

This new technology was first used by the military of the United States to preserve food for a longer term and the term used for these kinds of meals was MATS (Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization). This technology makes the food to sit on the shelf for almost a year without losing any nutrients or flavours.

If this technology can be implemented in terms of fruition, then Amazon will be able to grab control over a larger number of grocery customers who are looking for ways to get easy and quick meal options.

The option for the delivery of these meals will be available at the AmazonFresh, which is a branch that is dedicated to delivering groceries to the people. This is also going to complement the purchase of Whole Food Market Inc by Amazon for a sum of 13.7 billion dollars.

These MATS meals are going to enhance the foothold of Amazon in the grocery business and increase its prominence. It is also looking forward to collaborate with meal kits like Blue Apron in order to get a trademark.