The Importance of Empathetic Online Marketing and how to Achieve Success

Online marketing is taking a new shape and phase with every year passing my. As it is the most effective way of reaching your potential customer base in a short time, we have no choice but only keep a track of how things are changing around in the digital marketing industry. Today’s marketing and sales environment is a paradox as we see that there has never so many opportunities and ways of reaching out to your customer base but yet doing so is more challenging than ever again as said by Om Thoke one of the industry experts in digital marketing.

The number of marketing channels today is more than ever. We have steadily moved further from tradition advertising methods to leveraging social media networks, content marketing and much beyond. But someone who has spent some time in the industry will still wonder that despite so many channels are the end customers actually listening to what is being said to them? Is it so that they are shutting us off and we are blatantly pitching our products, services and businesses do them from every angle possible? I think the answer to that question can’t really be given unless you understand what your potential customers are actually looking for. This requires change of perspective and actually getting into the shoes of the customers and learns what they want and this can only be done by putting yourself out there.

Today even online marketing needs the factor of empathy that can actually drive sales. This means that as an online marketer you should be able to share someone else’s needs and feelings so that you can think what they think. Unfortunately, many marketers around the world feel that brute sociopath behavior can get them quick results, even if it is at the expense of someone else.

But that is not true. May be it was true a decade ago or may be two decades ago. In fact, it is this negative sociopathic behavior because of which so many businesses are struggling to find a firmer ground. In order to achieve success in today’s times it is important to embrace empathy at every level possible to gain and retain customers.

To be able to do this it is important that you learn to put your customers first. Be interested in the customer and understand what motivates them and align those aspects in your online marketing strategies. It is a myth that online marketing can’t involve empathy. If you seek to listen and understand then you can be empathetic with your customer in any way you want. Imagine the CEO of a big company joining the conversation on a social media page and answering questions and concerns of his one of the millions of customers. That is empathy and personal care to a level never heard of before. We should understand that with digital marketing we get an easy access to homes and even cell phones of our customers. Being blatant in our approach is like invading their space without interesting them. Only empathy and understanding their likes, dislikes and needs we can present ourselves and leverage internet marketing to its best.

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